2020 News and information:  Well what a year it’s been so far!  Who’d have thought that when the fireworks went off and the champagne corks popped on New Years Eve that we’d have such an unusual year. 2020 has seen some huge changes for all of us. In January the rise in coronavirus cases outside China, became a global health emergency, the World Health Organisation’s Emergency Committee called on all countries to take urgent measures to contain the respiratory disease.

We’ve all had to change our way of life, the way we shop, the way we socialise and travel.  We at Future Care Solutions have had to change the way we work together. The office is still manned but with fewer people, some staff continue to work from home. Our team of fantastic carers worked continuously throughout the pandemic.  Adhering to ever changing government guidelines. They have had to continuously don extra protective clothing to protect their clients and themselves.  Masks throughout their whole shifts are still compulsory. There are extra risks to manage on a daily basis.  They have all gone above and beyond their role of care/support worker.  In the beginning they were constantly queueing at supermarkets and pharmacies to ensure their clients had enough supplies. Often they were the only person that our clients saw as their own families were not allowed to visit.

We can’t thank them enough and I’m sure that many of you will agree what a fantastic team they are. A round of applause please for each and every one of you! 👏👏👏👏

We’d also like to welcome some new members to our team. Hello to Hollie, Kirsty and Leanne. Hollie has previous care experience, Kirsty was previously a legal administrator so has taken a complete career change and is really enjoying it. Leanne previously worked in hospitality and is enjoying her new role too.